Ecofill are committed to delivering quality, service and to promoting excellence & improved standards amongst the built environment. Education and sharing our vision on how we can build better, cleaner & greener is one of our core objectives. 

Following stringent codes of practice, achieving the highest standards and using highly competent experts in their fields allows Ecofill to remain accountable, transparent and effective.

Ecofill meets all required product & standard quality assessments. We are proud to be working with a recognised network of independent & trusted advisors, consultants and leading UKAS Accredited laboratories. 

AECOM, the world’s trusted infrastructure firm, which is currently commissioned by the UK Government in the re-writing of various sections of the Manual of Contract Documents for Highways Works, Specification for Highways Works, has also been independently commissioned by Ecofill to produce our comprehensive Quality Management Plan.

This Quality Management Plan covers the design, production and quality control of the Ecofill products, which ensures that the Ecofill products meet the relevant National and European standards for Highways and Earthworks

The UK Green Building Council

The UK Green Building Council

We are delighted to be a member of the UK Green Building Council whose aim is is to unite the UK building industry using sustainability as a catalyst to positively transform the places people use every day.

The UKGBC was established to offer clarity, cohesion and leadership to our sector and to campaign for a sustainable built environment.

Our membership allows Ecofill to actively engage in research, innovation, education and leadership and the 600 strong, diverse network of industry relevant organisations, affords Ecofill an extended opportunity to share our vision.  

The UKGBC is an ideal platform in assisting Ecofill in achieving our goals and objectives which include educating those within the construction of the built environment, showcasing a sustainable & modern method of construction and, in building a better future.